Assignment #3: Final Spread

Assignment #3: 5 Must Have’s When Looking for a Safe & Healthy Tattoo Parlor

Project # 3: Test Shots and Concept

5 Tattoo Parlor Must Haves

1. Visible Accomplishments: Portfolios, Artwork, Awards and Certifications

2. Clean Environment

3. Gloves: On At All Times

4. Sealed Equipment: Grips, Needles, and clean machines

5. Proper Disposal and Sanitation: Visible Needle Disposal Box, Cleaning Solutions, and proper separation.

Assignment #2: Final Spread

Project # 3: Proposal

For my third project I am going to choose to produce the magazine editorial around tattoos and the process of tattooing. I want to convey it in a clean, sterile and safe, to educate and inform people who are misinformed or just do not have the knowledge of the process

Assignment #2: Spread

Assignment #2: Table Top Shots: Comic Book Companies

Project #2: Progress Shots

Test Shots for Project 2

Show & Tell #4: Still Life & Product Photography

Gesture Ads

Gesture Ads

Show & Tell #3: Gestures and Ad Sets

Extra Credit Show & Tell: Low Key & High Key Lighting

Show & Tell: Public / Private

I chose to do a public area that can be both complete private deprived of all human interaction and life but also it can be a bustling with humans trying to get where they are going